Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thursday

8 am class: Discussion Day: Love

I learned three things today in my 8 am class. First, after talking about a multi-cultural saying you might notice, goes a little like this " Love is patient, love is kind..." My students and I talked about the characteristics of love. I towards the end if this saying reminded them of any movies, poems, books, etc. And the first comment from Andy (who usually doesn't talk much) was "Scent of a Woman". I DIED LAUGHING!! I couldn't believe that he had seen that movie!! Next, Jerry pipes up saying gost... after deciphering what he said, I slightly freaked out again because he was saying "Ghost". I tend to forget that I teach the rich International students and that they are much more aware of other cultures. Last thing I learned in my 8 am class was that one of my students is 22... yup. I'm a college professor teaching students only a year younger than me. If he only knew!

10 am class: Speech Day: What you like most/ dislike most about your country

I learned don't ever not eat breakfast coming off of a bad night sleep to a 8 & 10 am class where you have to sit through speeches. I bet its discouraging when your teacher falls asleep while your speaking.

Noon: Lunch with Helen

I get to spend my lunches with Helen who is one of the coolest Chinese people that I know. last week we spent about an hour just talking about the Twilight series which she is reading right now. Don't judge us! She is traveling to Xi'an for about a week and a half for a research project... I'm gonna miss her :(

5:30 pm: English Practice

I have nine students over weekly on Thursday nights to practice their English. This week (and now every week from here on out) we met early because my students cooked dinner for us! It was AMAZING!! It was like a party! After eating, we cleaned up, and read a story the beginning and discussed it. I really love Thursday nights with these students!

9:00 pm:

Went upstairs to Jeremy's apt where they were finishing up another get together where in attendance was FANNY! Fanny was a student here last year, and last semester she lived on campus while she was studying for the post graduate exam which she told us tonight that she passed!! I haven't seen her since December!! She gave me some really cute earrings for the Spring Festival holiday!

I like China.... MAN!

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