Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

So, today I had one of those days that you just can't help but get frustrated at all the Chinese people staring at you, talking about you, and just making ya feel like a zoo animal. Normally, it doesn't get to me too much, but today wasn't one of those days!

Anyways, two amazing things happened today. First, and I don't think you could fully appreciate this unless you lived here but we caught a taxi in Wuchang to head back home (a thirty-forty minute taxi ride) at right about the time where the taxi drivers switch drivers. At five in the afternoon, all the drivers randomly stop picking people up and give their car to another random driver. Anyways, we get in his car and he says he'll take us where were going but then has to call a guy on his cell and ask where it is, he does a U-ey and drives INSANELY slow in the direction were suppose to be heading. After about 5-8 minutes he turns to us and starts rambling things and we have NO clue what he's saying. We deduct that he wants us to get out and find another way home so he can meet up with his other taxi driver best friend to do a switchy. We tell him we don't understand and give him the best 'I'm a foreigner who has no clue and you have to help me' face and he just continues to cross the river into our section of town at an EXTREMELY slow rate. He crosses the river, pulls into the next bus stop, tells us to wait a moment, gets out of the car and just stands at the front of the car for about ten minutes.... After considering all the possible outcomes of our future from him planting a bomb in the car to possible kidnapping. A random guy walks up to the car, says two words to our taxi driver, gets in, says the name of our neighborhood, and starts driving off! He called his taxi best friend who met us at the bus stop to finish taking us, and our original driver just starts walking!! He called his bestie to come pick us up because he knew it would impossible to get another taxi at that time of day!! Oh China.... Alright the second thing was Danielle and I went to Mickey D's to get our American food fix and we sat in Mickey D's for about an extra forty-five minutes watching the World's Strongest Man competition. I've always loved watching that, just ask Lindgren!

Alright, that's it. We're having an Irish/St. Patty's day party tomorrow.. I'm excited!

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