Saturday, August 30, 2008



I've gotten on here about eight times starting to write a post and I get overwhelmed with saying something witty and interesting and I give up before I even start. I have seen too many amazing/fascinating/mind-blowing things while I've been here in China and I have to share them with my friends back home.

We'll start with today. First and foremost, I bought Dr. Pepper today!! Seriously, there is one store that returning teachers said you can find it in every once in a while, we stopped by, it was there, and I bought some!!! It was over 40 yuan which is quite pricey but actually turns out to only be about three-four dollars in American money. Today we had our first get-together with all of the American teachers where in Wuhan. It was really uplifting to meet everyone and make new friends with the same interests and goals.

I'm all set up in my new apartment, which is wonderful! I have a big living room, a bedroom with a queen size bed which is quite overwhelming since I've only ever had a twin! I also have an office!! This is the biggest space I've ever had, much less on my own. I live right across the 'hall' from Daniel, my oldest friend here in China, which actually only comes out to a week! Daniel is from Florence, Alabama.

There are so many crazy things like split pants on baby, which is just like it sounds pants that split right at the bottom in order for babies to use their business wherever they need to while in public. You'll be walking down the street seeing all these baby butts hanging out. Next crazy thing is people stare ridiculously!! It's like your walking down the street with a sign that says "HEY I'M DIFFERENT AND CRAZY... LOOK AT ME". The older folks stare like were going to disappear and they need to take in as much as they can before it happens. Speaking of old people, walking back to Danielle's (a second year teacher who lives about thirty minutes away) apt we walked past dozens of old couples dancing on a street corner to a band. It was so cute, Danielle says they are there nightly. We've decided to pair up and all head down to that corner to dance with them.

It's almost one in the morning so I'm out... I'll try to do better with keeping up on here.