Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheapo Fruito

I just went out to get some soy sauce, vinegar, and salt because my students are coming over and cooking dumplings before our English lesson tonight and while I was out getting these things, I stopped by the on campus fruit guy to pick up some fruit for breakfast tomorrow. Anyways, I know how cheap things are here especially fruit but today it just seemed to really click. I bought two oranges, two pairs, and half a pineapple for 4 kuai which calculates to be 58.8 cents. Ridiculous, huh?

That explains why I actually make less money a month than I owe for grad school :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 26th

Today in one of my classes my students had to act out a dialogue they had written which entailed one of them being a patient going to the doctor to get medical advice. They had to use 15 of the vocabulary words we had gone over in the two previous classes. Two of them used the examples I had given them in class. After this, which was hilarious, they had a mini-test where I was the patient and they were the doctor. I came up with a random illness and they had to figure out what was wrong with me and then cure me. The last two students were ridiculous enough for me to share!

The first ridiculous guy: Ben
English level: sub-par but he’s hilarious
Illness: constipation

Me: Hey Doctor Ben
Ben: hello, pretty girl
Class: hilariously laughing
Me: Okay Okay… Go Ben
Ben: Are you the doctor or me (he’s the twentieth student to go, all have been the doctor aka.. not paying attention)
Me: You’re the doctor, Mr. I’m texting in class
Ben: Oh, umm.. what’s wrong with you
Me: Well, it’s embarrassing I have really bad constipation
Ben: How long?
Me: Three days
Ben: well, um, uhhhhhh, maybe it’s because your so hot
Class: Laughing again
Ben: (embarrassed) I mean, well, you need an injection and rest
Me to the class: So, if I go to Dr. Ben, I’m going to die

Next Student: Simon
English level: pretty dang good!
Illness: diarrhea

Simon: What’s up
Me: What’s up Dr. Simon
Simon: What’s up….
Me: (I say nothing and just stare at him)
Simon: What are your symptoms
Me: Well, I went to Dr. Ben yesterday with constipation, he gave me an injection, and now I have terrible diarrhea.
Simon: Well, do you want to be healed quickly or slowly
Me: Um, quickly!
Simon: Alright, listen to me. You are going to have an operation. We’re going to operate, it will cost $50,000. We all know that operations are dangerous so we will keep you in our nice facilities to make sure that you are comfortable, which will cost more. But, don’t ask questions cause I’m the doctor and I know what I’m doing. So, what do you think?
Me: I’m going back to Dr. Ben

I’m also writing this in my next class who is writing a massive amount of vocabulary that I have given them while we listen to Toni Braxton’s ‘Unbreak my heart’ for English listening….. or because their teacher would rather have music going instead of silence. No, it’s for English listening.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

So, today I had one of those days that you just can't help but get frustrated at all the Chinese people staring at you, talking about you, and just making ya feel like a zoo animal. Normally, it doesn't get to me too much, but today wasn't one of those days!

Anyways, two amazing things happened today. First, and I don't think you could fully appreciate this unless you lived here but we caught a taxi in Wuchang to head back home (a thirty-forty minute taxi ride) at right about the time where the taxi drivers switch drivers. At five in the afternoon, all the drivers randomly stop picking people up and give their car to another random driver. Anyways, we get in his car and he says he'll take us where were going but then has to call a guy on his cell and ask where it is, he does a U-ey and drives INSANELY slow in the direction were suppose to be heading. After about 5-8 minutes he turns to us and starts rambling things and we have NO clue what he's saying. We deduct that he wants us to get out and find another way home so he can meet up with his other taxi driver best friend to do a switchy. We tell him we don't understand and give him the best 'I'm a foreigner who has no clue and you have to help me' face and he just continues to cross the river into our section of town at an EXTREMELY slow rate. He crosses the river, pulls into the next bus stop, tells us to wait a moment, gets out of the car and just stands at the front of the car for about ten minutes.... After considering all the possible outcomes of our future from him planting a bomb in the car to possible kidnapping. A random guy walks up to the car, says two words to our taxi driver, gets in, says the name of our neighborhood, and starts driving off! He called his taxi best friend who met us at the bus stop to finish taking us, and our original driver just starts walking!! He called his bestie to come pick us up because he knew it would impossible to get another taxi at that time of day!! Oh China.... Alright the second thing was Danielle and I went to Mickey D's to get our American food fix and we sat in Mickey D's for about an extra forty-five minutes watching the World's Strongest Man competition. I've always loved watching that, just ask Lindgren!

Alright, that's it. We're having an Irish/St. Patty's day party tomorrow.. I'm excited!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thursday

8 am class: Discussion Day: Love

I learned three things today in my 8 am class. First, after talking about a multi-cultural saying you might notice, goes a little like this " Love is patient, love is kind..." My students and I talked about the characteristics of love. I towards the end if this saying reminded them of any movies, poems, books, etc. And the first comment from Andy (who usually doesn't talk much) was "Scent of a Woman". I DIED LAUGHING!! I couldn't believe that he had seen that movie!! Next, Jerry pipes up saying gost... after deciphering what he said, I slightly freaked out again because he was saying "Ghost". I tend to forget that I teach the rich International students and that they are much more aware of other cultures. Last thing I learned in my 8 am class was that one of my students is 22... yup. I'm a college professor teaching students only a year younger than me. If he only knew!

10 am class: Speech Day: What you like most/ dislike most about your country

I learned don't ever not eat breakfast coming off of a bad night sleep to a 8 & 10 am class where you have to sit through speeches. I bet its discouraging when your teacher falls asleep while your speaking.

Noon: Lunch with Helen

I get to spend my lunches with Helen who is one of the coolest Chinese people that I know. last week we spent about an hour just talking about the Twilight series which she is reading right now. Don't judge us! She is traveling to Xi'an for about a week and a half for a research project... I'm gonna miss her :(

5:30 pm: English Practice

I have nine students over weekly on Thursday nights to practice their English. This week (and now every week from here on out) we met early because my students cooked dinner for us! It was AMAZING!! It was like a party! After eating, we cleaned up, and read a story the beginning and discussed it. I really love Thursday nights with these students!

9:00 pm:

Went upstairs to Jeremy's apt where they were finishing up another get together where in attendance was FANNY! Fanny was a student here last year, and last semester she lived on campus while she was studying for the post graduate exam which she told us tonight that she passed!! I haven't seen her since December!! She gave me some really cute earrings for the Spring Festival holiday!

I like China.... MAN!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Honor of my Mother

Alright, this is for my mother. She, as well as the rest of my family, will understand why I'm wearing the ridiculous Tiara... plus I was just feeling crazy! Thanks for being understanding of why I'm here! I love you...

Backed up and Bottle Necked!

Alright, I'm going to start with the recent stuff and work my way backwards!

My Philippine students have officially stopped coming to class which means my 10 o'clock class today didn't happen.. and ultimately means I had no classes today. But, no worries! I have tutoring tonight which is eight times more energy depleting than my college classes.

Last night, Jeremy, Laurie, Drew and I had our second official 'listening' where Drew picks an album that takes you on a 'journey' and we experience listening to it. It originally sounded a little boring to me but I really enjoy participating. I've learned a bit about the people participating.

This past Sunday I had two crazy things happen: First, after playing outside with the little kids that I tutor (with literally 30 people watching) we headed back inside. Mary, Jacky, and Steven ran ahead and waited for us outside the gate, while I turned the corner of the apartments Jacky turns to look at me with this HUGE grin on his face and as confusion hits me trying to figure out why he's grinning so much realization sets in that he's relieving himself right there on the sidewalk, in front of the apartments, and facing me. Oh kids! Second things was after our Sunday meeting Danielle and I went into Carrefour the supermarket and upon leaving we see a man carrying his baby, which is around the age of 1 1/2 - 2 years old and the baby is drinking out of a beer can... BEER CAN!!

That same night... (yeah, I'm busy on Sundays) We hung out with Edwin and Mary Myers who are amazing!! They used to teach up here in Wuhan but moved back to the States before I got here but they recently returned to a town about six hours away by train. Anyways, they were up here and it's so refreshing to be around people who are older, more wise, and have a different view on life than the 20somethings that I always hang out with here. Anyways, we spent the whole night joking and laughing. Mary almost peed her pants when Jeremy told her the story of the three of us crashing a Japanese funeral! We also had lunch with them on Monday. I love them!!

I'm still sticking to my Old Testament readings. I'm around Deuteronomy 20ish. I really want to finish the OT before I get home. So, please encourage me!

Great Story... to fully appreciate this, you must have watched High School Musical or at least worked at Camp of the Hills in '07. Anyways, I was playing a game with my sophomore students in class which required them to be in teams of three and to choose a team name. One of the teams choose the team name of Wildcats. I had my suspicions to why they chose that name, but I moved on with class. WELL, team Wildcat ended up winning the game and after I announced this to the class one of the boys yelled out "WHAT TEAM?" and the other two, without thinking, yelled back "WILDCATS".. and they repeated it "WHAT TEAM?"... "WILDCATS". Yes that is right 20 year old college sophomore quoting High School musical in class... Can my job get any better?

Alright, if you don't receive my mass emails or I don't keep in touch with you well enough. I've decided to move back to Abilene and go into the Marriage and Family Program graduate program. I'm nervous but I guess that comes with any major decision in one's life.

Lastly, I each lunch weekly with two girls on Tuesdays named Stephanie and Amy who's English abilities are great. This week the weather was wonderful that we sat outside to eat and Daniel accompanied us. We sat and just chatted for about an hour and a half. I really enjoy spending time with those two girls. Stephanie always runs the new phrases she learns by me, the first one was "curious as Lot's wife" which was fun to talk about. And the second was "take a hike". I told her to turn to Daniel and say this, but she got really nervous and couldn't!!

Alright, until next time!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I get on here to write the semi-cool things that have happened to me and then I decide I don't wanna take the time. I think I'll do it later, but then I do the same thing the next go 'round. Now, here I am with too many cool things to write and their slippin my mind!

Went and hung out with Rosie and Mavis this past weekend along with Danielle, Jeremy, and Austin. They claim to be from San Antonio but neither of them have lived in one place long enough to really set roots, but San Antonio is the closest to home. Mavis was a chaplain for the Air Force for just about forever so they moved around the world frequently, Abilene being on the of the places. Cool?? YES! While they were there Rosie went through the MFT program at ACU which is the program that I'm planning on starting next Spring. So, we had a lot to talk about! We had some amazing Tex-Mex for dinner and a good ole southern breakfast the next morning! OH! I miss western food!

One of my students wore his camo jacket that said US Army again. It always makes me feel awkward! I saw a women with bright orange hair on campus this week, people don't really dye their hair here so it was crazy different.

Tonight, me and the crew had a 'listening' where we sat around and listened to Jeff Buckley and it was an amazing night. Jeremy and I just sat there talking about life, decisions, what fears we have. It was a good night.

I had lunch last Friday with the guy (Jimmy the Airplane Pilot, whom I call Jimmy Plane Guy) who I met on the plane back from Shanghai to Wuhan who upgraded me to first class simply so he could have an hour and a half of free English practice. Well, after denying getting together with him quite a bit, there is only so much no you can say before you feel like a jerk. So, I finally agreed to lunch which was fine but quite awkward at first. Anyways, Jimmy plane guy called today four times in a fifteen minute time span... uhh.

I miss everybody!!