Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So, I haven't been blogging since my life in China but I decided that I should give it another go and document my English life as I did my Chinese life.... Quick Update since 2009: - Move back to the States - Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate School - Marriage to Scott Alan Weeks - Name change (that sucks!) - Husband stationed in England 9 months before I graduate ACU MFT - Moved to England! England Update: - Live next to two of the most amazing people I've ever met - Scott and I are a part of a HOG motorcycle group on base :) ( I now own more leather than I ever thought I could own!!!) - Live right off the town centre in a large town - We have a nice volvo that I'm still scared to drive!

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holly.kristin said...

Keep 'em comin'! So excited to follow you through another continent! :-D

I literally laughed out loud about the leather! (WOW Alliteration!)

Love you!